3 Ways Attorney Stan Bachman’s Unique Approach to Construction Law Helps His Clients

If you’ve worked with Stan before, you probably know that his background is actually in construction – which is a perfect fit, considering he’s a construction lawyer. His 25 years of experience as a general contractor and business owner brings a unique perspective for a construction lawyer. Not only does he understand the legal aspects, he also fully understands the practical aspects of a construction business. He combines those to create realistic, valuable solutions for his clients’ needs.

In Stan’s construction work, he experienced and navigated labor shortages, bad estimates, bad subcontractors, litigation claims and both large and small contracts. He learned the business side of things as a business owner. Stan has learned how to bring a calmness to situations where there tend to be a lot of tempers. His practical construction, business and legal experience all combine to create a unique, experienced approach to construction law issues.

Stan helps his clients in 3 main ways: Prevention, Triage and Remediation. Many of Stan’s clients come to him before they have a legal issue. Stan helps them understand and obtain insurance for defects and actions, insurance for property and bodily injury and negligence. Stan wants to help construction firms plan for potential issues to heed off massive cost to the company; when issues do arise, his clients are prepared for them and face minimal loss.

Stan also helps clients in what he refers to as the Triage stage – meaning a client is going through an urgent situation and needs immediate help to mitigate potential damages. He helps clients make quick decisions to mitigate damages when litigation is on the horizon or has already started. Stan is always looking out for both the short and long-term consequences and goals for the firm.

In some cases, the whole matter cannot be resolved in the triage case and the firm is still facing long-term exposure. In these cases, Stan takes a remedial approach – what can we do to fix the problem? This may involve negotiations, it may involve litigation. Stan sticks with his clients through the long-haul to ensure the best outcome for the firm.

Interested in how Stan could help your construction firm? Give us a call today.