Revocup South – Turning Spare Change into Meaningful Change

If you like the Morefield Speicher Bachman, LC law firm on Facebook, then you have probably seen us sharing events for our Overland Park, Kansas neighbor Revocup South. From musical performances to motivational speakers, there is always something going on next door at 11822 W. 135th St. But what we think is even cooler about Revocup South is what they do behind the scenes through the Revocup Foundation.

The best coffee in the world is often produced by rural, desperately poor farmers who receive only a few dimes per pound for a crop that fetches between twenty and one-hundred times that amount at retail. Families lack the knowledge to properly, productively, and sustainably manage their land—while malnutrition, lack of potable water, and high rates of preventable disease further fuel this cycle. – www.revocupfoundation.org

Founded by Habte and TG Mesfin in 2011, Revocup Foundation exists to improve the lives of coffee farming families and the communities they live in through education, health, and sustainable business initiatives. Board Chair, Michael Johnson, recently shared with me a couple of Revocup Foundation’s ongoing projects. Since 2011, the foundation has built and equipped 28 small libraries in rural Ethiopian farming villages with the goal to increase access to education and technology in the region. Revocup Foundation is also partnering with Holy Cross Lutheran Church’s Clean Water Ministry to improve access to clean, potable water.

Ten cents of every cup of coffee sold and one dollar of every bag of coffee sold at Revocup Coffee House and Revocup Coffee House South is donated to the Revocup Foundation. Next time you’re in south Overland Park, stop in and say hello to Revocup South owner Michael Johnson. Enjoy a cup of some of the best Ethiopian coffee in Kansas City, and make a little bit of positive change in the world.

At Morefield Speicher Bachman, LC, giving back to Kansas City is one of our law firm’s core principles. That’s why we enjoy sharing information about other businesses and organizations that also make giving a part of their business goals and practices.