Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents Through Community Action

If you know someone injured or killed by a drunk driver, contact our Kansas City Area drunk driving accident attorneys today.

Far too many lives are cut tragically short by drunk drivers every year. While laws and enforcement play a crucial role, grassroots community initiatives can also help curb dangerous impaired driving. Citizens have the power to instill change locally. This article will explore actions communities can take to prevent drunk driving accidents. Contact an experienced car accident attorney today if you have any questions.

Promote Use of Ridesharing Services

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft provide reliable transportation for those who have been drinking, taking their keys out of the equation. Communities can encourage use through partnerships, promotions and facilitated pickup zones. 

Support Establishments that Promote Safe Rides Home

Restaurants and bars should be training their staff to promote alternative transportation options and  proactively intervene to stop patron drunk driving. At a higher level, the local government can support public transportation that stays open later or encourage developments within walking distance for most people.

Organize Awareness and Outreach Events

Rallies, candlelight vigils for victims, school assembly talks and social media campaigns bring attention to the devastation from drunk driving, enacting change through education.

Establish More Sobriety Checkpoints

Advocating for increased police sobriety checkpoints serves as a deterrent and helps take drunk drivers off the roads before tragedy strikes.

Team Up with Safety Organizations

Partnering with groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Destructive Decisions creates a powerful, unified front against driving impaired.

Our Kansas City Area Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys Can Help

Combating drunk driving requires a collaborative effort. Citizens have the power to ignite change locally and prevent senseless tragedies. Through grassroots initiatives, communities can help instill a culture of responsibility surrounding drinking. Contact Morefield Speicher Bachman’s car accident attorneys today, and we will help get you back on track.