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Overland Park Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers

MSB Law provides highly experienced Overland Park mediation and arbitration lawyers for all sorts of claims and disputes. Rick Morefield heads the firm’s mediation services practice and regularly serves as a mediator in the Overland Park area of Kansas and Missouri.  He has been on the approved mediator list for the United States District Court of Missouri Western District since obtaining advanced mediation training in 2012. He mediates personal injury, wrongful death, business disputes, trust and estates litigation, and other matters. His depth of experience and calm demeanor put him in a position to help litigants reach a settlement.

Mediation is a process where the parties and their lawyers meet together with a professional mediator. This process often leads to the settlement of lawsuits. One advantage of mediation is that neither party can be forced to accept a settlement at mediation. The mediator works with the parties to help them reach a fair settlement of their lawsuit or dispute.

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Overland Park Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers

Stan Bachman is the head of the firm’s arbitration practice and is available to arbitrate business and construction law disputes because his background makes him uniquely suited for this role. Before going to law school, Stan spent 25 years as a commercial general contractor and business owner. He knows the construction business inside and out. As an arbitrator, he calls upon his legal expertise as well as his practical knowledge of the industry to solve difficult legal issues.

Arbitration is a process where the parties bring their case to an arbitrator or an arbitration panel. This process is less formal than a trial, but the arbitrator has the power to render a decision. In most cases, the decisions of an arbitrator are final and cannot be appealed. The arbitration process is often quicker than taking a case through trial in court and often less expensive than a trial as well.

If you need an arbitrator, call us at (913) 839-2808 to get on Stan’s schedule. 

Each of our Overland Park mediation and arbitration lawyers at our firm has extensive experience representing clients in mediations, arbitrations, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution to help their personal injury and business clients efficiently and diligently resolve claims or disputes without the need for lengthy or expensive trials. Mediation requires a different skill set than trial, and each of our lawyers is trained in the important differences.

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