It’s That Time of Year: Back to School Safety Tips

Summer is coming to a close. Kids will soon be back in school and Fall is around the corner! During this time of year, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves and our kids about back to school safety. Here are a few reminders to ensure that you have a happy and safe school year.

Traffic Safety

When school begins, there are many things that change. There will be a lot of new drivers on the road, driving themselves to school. There are also a lot more kids on the roads walking and riding their bikes. It is a time to be on high alert. Though you have heard it before it bears repeating, do not text or look at your phone while driving. You only have to take your eyes of the road for a moment to get into an accident or hit a pedestrian.


More kids and parents will be out walking during certain times of the day, going to and from school. If there are a group of children from your neighborhood, suggest they all walk as a group with one parent supervising. This is like a carpool arrangement, but on foot. Be sure to use crosswalks whenever possible. Texting while walking, by the way, is dangerous, too! Yes, it’s a thing. There are countless serious accidents that have occurred because someone was distracted and walked in front of a car. Cell phones have their place, just not while you are out and about.

School Buses

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that school buses are considered the safest way for a child to get to school. They do however, have their own dangers. Statistics report than an average of 8 children a year are killed getting on and off the bus. Sadly, another 4 are killed in bus vs car accidents.

Be sure to remind your children to stand back from the curb before the bus stops. After getting off the bus, children should only cross when the bus has it’s warning lights on. If you are driving near a bus, give the bus plenty of room, being aware that it will make frequent stops. Lastly, always stop behind a school bus when the lights are flashing.

Biking to School

Bikes can be a safe way to get to school. However, remind your child that they need to follow the regular rules of the road. This includes using hand signals and making a complete stop at stop signs and traffic lights. Be sure they wear a helmet and have bright, reflective clothing on so they can be seen by other drivers.

We hope that you all have a safe and happy school year. Should an accident occur, or if you have a legal issue that you need to discuss. Please come in and speak to us.