How a Lawyer Can Help You Form an LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) is a powerful legal entity model that you can use to protect yourself and your new business. Forming an LLC with the help of an experienced business attorney can give you peace of mind that your personal and business interests are protected from liability. 

Our team at Morefield Speicher & Bachman, LC handles all aspects of business organizational filings, including checking the availability of a company name, filing articles of organization, providing documentation for compliance and creating operating agreements. Our services will help you save time while giving you professional guidance to guarantee that your filings are prepared correctly.

What Is an LLC? 

For many new business owners, forming an LLC is the best business entity choice. LLCs are simple and flexible legal entity organizations, and they allow you to run your business as an individual, in conjunction with other “members,” or by a manager.  LLCs possess the limited liability and asset protection of a corporation with the management flexibility of a partnership.  

How an Attorney Can Help With LLC Formation

It is possible for business owners to form an LLC on their own, but in most cases you will benefit from a lawyer’s assistance if you have more complex questions about what business entity is right for you.

Consult Our Business Attorneys For LLC Guidance

At Morefield Speicher & Bachman, LC, our partners have over 60 years of combined experience in helping clients create plans that meet their needs and protect their interests. In order to receive the full benefits that LLCs can provide, there are many steps you must take. Our attorneys will guide you through these steps and help you avoid potential disputes in the future. Call (913) 839 2808 to learn more about how we can help with your business law and litigation matters.



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