Drunk Driving Causes 27 Deaths Each Day in the US

Each day drunk driving causes 27 deaths in the United States. That’s 27 deaths each day that are 100% preventable. Here’s how you can help prevent drunk driving, whether you are attending or hosting a party.
If you’re hosting a party, you should…
  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Serve plenty of food; and
  • Arrange for transportation for guests – plan for a sober driver to be available, call a cab for guests, etc.
If you’re attending a party, remember…
  • Don’t drink, or arrange for a sober driver ahead of time;
  • Don’t let others drive when impaired; remember, when talking with an impaired individual, you should speak slowly, remain non-confrontational, and offer alternatives to driving; and
  • Report drunk driving to 911 as soon as possible.
Drunk driving occurs all around us, not just at parties. In addition to preventing family, friends and acquaintances from driving drunk, you should report drunk driving on the road. Some of the signs of drunk driving include:
  • Weaving, swerving or drifting over the center line;
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road;
  • Driving at a slow speed;
  • Stopping for no reason;
  • Erratic braking or accelerating;
  • Driving without headlights at night; and
  • Tailgating.
If you see a drunk driver, you should…
  • Stay a safe distance from the vehicle.
  • Do not interact with the driver – do not attempt to pass the driver or signal the driver to pull over. Remember, this person may be impaired. Further distracting a drunk driver could result in a crash.
  • Note the make, model and color of the car along with the license plate.
  • Pull over, call 911 and report the location of the car and the description of the vehicle.
You can also educate your social networks on the dangers and consequences of drunk driving. What are those dangers and consequences?
  • Injuring yourself and others;
  • Causing the death of yourself and others;
  • Causing damage to property including cars, homes, and other property; and
  • Criminal consequences including license suspension, jail time and fines.
While some of these tips may seem obvious, they aren’t always comfortable to follow. Refusing to allow someone to drive impaired may cause them to become angry with you. You may worry about getting the driver in trouble by reporting drunk driving. The alternative, however, could be much worse.