4 Reasons to Give Truckers Extra Space

Whether you pass trucks on the highway during your daily commute or are going on a family road trip this summer, you should know that trucking crashes happen and they can result in serious injuries and even death. Driving around trucks is different than driving around other cars and we hope you’ll keep these tips in mind to avoid a crash. Give truckers more room than you would for a regular car. There are a few reasons for this.

1. Tire blowouts. Ever noticed some chunks of rubber on the highway? That’s from a truck’s tire blow out – and these can happen with little warning. Not only do you not want that rubber flying in your face, a blowout can cause a truck to begin swerving unexpectedly.

2. Wind. Some think that trucks, because they are so heavy, are unaffected by the wind around us. Ever feel the wind blow your car around a little bit? It happens to trucks too and may even be more exaggerated. Because trucks are larger vehicles, the wind can create a “sail” like effect which can be difficult for truck drivers to control – this could result in a truck drifting over into your lane.

3. Blind spots. Every car has blind spots. But, the number and size of blind spots in an eighteen-wheeler or other large truck are huge. Avoid truck blind spots. If you can’t see the truck driver in one of the truck driver’s mirrors, the truck driver probably can’t see you. If passing, pass quickly and on the left side of the truck. And remember, there may even be some blind spots in the front of a tractor trailer.

4. Wide turns. Because of their size, trucks make wide turns. Combine this with their blind spots and if you fail to give the truck enough space, you could unexpectedly get caught in a blind spot during a trucker’s turn.


We never want any of those 4 things to happen to you and your family. So, remember, always give truckers extra space and have an escape route. If traffic requires you to drive in what may be a trucker’s blind spot, have a plan in case the truck makes a sudden movement in your direction. Or, slow down to get out of the blind spot. Know someone going on a trip soon? Share this with them to help them keep their family safe as well.