Construction Defects

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Overland Park Construction Defects Lawyers 

Construction defects are common, though most defects are small and somewhat inconsequential. However, one of the most dangerous defects could risk damage to either people or the property itself. Our construction defects lawyers here at MSB Law have handled numerous construction defects claims. Whether you bring forward a claim or are being sued because of a defect, we will protect your rights and keep your best interests in mind. 

Some Examples of Construction Defects

 The variety and type of construction defect claim can range between entities, materials, and contracts that make up a construction project. However, of all the types of claims, we have found these to be the most common:
  •  Mold
  • Water leaks and plumbing defects
  • Electrical issues
  • Gaseous chemical emissions
  • Toxic soil and other miscellaneous environmental defects
  • Roofing defects
  • Structural defects.
Whether it be the design, materials, construction, or even subsurface deficiencies, these instances can result in costly repairs or worse, cause harm to the occupants of the building. 

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