Breach of Construction Contract

Overland Park Breach of Construction Contract Lawyers

A breach of contract is a common legal dispute under which construction arguments are frequently adjudicated. When a property owner opens a contract with a contractor, the scope of the project, how and when it is to be completed, and how the contractor will be paid are all laid out for both parties. 

However, in many cases, some parties enter into a handful of agreements with numerous contractors, engineers, architects, and vendors. This can cause some confusion and when a problem arises, the first place that people are going to look to see who may be at fault is the original contract. 

In response to a breach of contract, there are a number of potential remedies available. The non-breaching party may also have the option to terminate the agreement altogether if the breach is determined as material.  The failure to perform a substantial portion of a contract is more than likely to make the agreement voidable.

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