Tortious Interference

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What is Tortious Interference?

Tortious interference is an individual or company’s intentional and wrongful interference with a contractual or business relationship between others which results in one person breaching the contract or business relationship. The individual or company that interfered may be held liable for damages incurred as a result of the breach. Our tortious interference lawyers will help you assess whether you have a claim and if you are entitled to reparations.

tortious interference lawyers

Tortious Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage

This occurs when a third party has improperly interfered with a business relationship or an expected business transition. For example, let’s say you informally mention to a fellow business owner that you are currently in negotiations to lease a new building and how excited you are about the new positives that this new location will bring. This person may then contact the new owner of the building and tells them how desperate you are to be in this location and will pay much more than they are asking. This invites the building owner to dramatically increase their asking price. This may also fall under the category of tortious interference and you may have a valid claim. 

How to Prove Tortious Interference with Contract

In order for our tortious interference lawyers to prove interference, several elements must be established by the plaintiff(s):
  • The plaintiff(s) must have a contract with a third party;
  • The defendant(s) knew about the contract at the time of the alleged interference;
  • The defendant(s) intentionally interfered with the contract;
  • Interference was improper;
  • The conduct of the defendant(s) led to a breach of contract;
  • The plaintiff(s) suffered damage as a result.

Contact a Tortious Interference Lawyer

If you believe that you may have suffered tortious interference, contact one of our tortious interference lawyers at MSB Law. Give us a call or email our team and we will help you identify and evaluate your claim. We represent businesses of all sorts and sizes and we will help you too.