Overland Park Business Fraud Lawyers

Fraud occurs when a person or a company deceives another by words or actions and the victim suffers harm by relying on false or misleading words or actions. Fraud cases range anywhere from a simple lie to complex business schemes designed to swindle a company out of millions of dollars. Our Overland Park fraud lawyers are available to provide legal counsel in all sorts of situations from simple to the most complex. Allow our experienced fraud lawyers to prosecute and obtain full compensation for any sort of malicious and intentional acts against your commercial interests. 

overland park fraud lawyer

How Can I Prove Fraud Was Committed?

Fraud is made up of a multipart tort. Our Overland Park fraud lawyers will aid you in identifying whether or not fraud was committed. To prove that fraud was carried out, the plaintiff must show five aspects:

  1. The defendant made a false representation of a material fact while knowing that representation to be false.
  2. The person to whom the defendant made representation was made did not know that the representation was false.
  3. The defendant made the false representation with the intent that the plaintiff act upon it.
  4. The plaintiff, in fact, relied upon the false representation.
  5. The plaintiff’s reliance resulted in damage(s) to the plaintiff. 
Additionally, once the fraud elements have been identified,  the case must be conducted seriously and thoughtfully due to the gravity of the penalties that come with a conviction. Our Overland Park fraud lawyers can provide invaluable assistance in the determination of your options going forward. If you believe you have a business fraud case on your hands, our highly experienced lawyers are here to help. Give us a call or email our office and we will get you the reparations you deserve.