Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract Lawyers

A breach of contract occurs when one party to a contract fails to perform or uphold one or more of his or her contractual obligations. Our breach of contract lawyers are experienced in handling a variety of breach of contract claims ranging from simple contracts between two individuals to complex corporate agreements. We pride ourselves on our practice approach to solving business issues.


breach of contract lawyers

How Do I Know If I Have A Breach of Contract?

It may be difficult to determine if you have a breach of contract claim without looking into the actual contract. But, if you or your business feels like the other party did not live up to their responsibilities under a contract set forth, you may have a claim and our breach of contract lawyers will help you navigate that. A contract breach may occur in a variety of situations:
  • Failure to perform the contract as originally devised.
  • Purposely making it impossible for you to carry out your end of the contract. 
  • Revoking the contract. 

What are the possible defenses for a breach of contract claim?

Defenses for a breach of contract claim are vast and that is why it is crucial to contact one of our breach of contract lawyers at MSB Law. Some of the frequent arguments we have seen as a breach of contract lawyer are:
  • The contract was not put into writing. This does not automatically mean that the claim is invalid. We may be able to hold the person accountable for the contract even though it was not in writing. 
  • Mistake(s) in the contract. Sometimes, there may be a mistake in the contract upon signing. There are ways to still enforce the contract despite any mistakes. Typically, it will boil down to whether the mistake was one-sided or not. 
  • Lack of capacity. This is one of the more infrequent arguments. The other party can claim that they did not hold the capacity to contract. They may have been too young or not cognitively aware of the contract or the requirements within.
  • The contract is unconscionable. Another common defense is that the contract is unconscionable or overwhelmingly unfair. 
Regardless of the situation, if you believe you have a valid claim, you should call one of our highly experienced breach of contract lawyers at (913) 839 2808 or email our team and we will help your through the process.